The shoreline at a popular tourist destination is slowly receeding due to high water levels.

The beachfront at Wasaga Beach looked to be reduced to half on Sunday; leaving local businesses concerned that their revenue could soon see a similar fate.

"It can affect business because the beach coming up, it's pushing everyone away," said a local employee Kendra Zia.

Events along the beach are also being affected by the rising waters.

Organizers of the annual Not-So-Pro Volleyball Tournament, which attracts about one thousand participants, had to send 80 teams home because of the conditions.

"It was a great day yesterday," said organizer John Morrison.

"We woke up this morning, and we have a major wind situation, and because of the water levels on the great lake systems, a lot of the water has come onto the courts."

According to a recent report from the Georgian Bay Association, water levels are high in many parts of Ontario, and across the great lakes.

Lakes St. Clair, Erie and Ontario are all five inches above their July record-high levels.

In an email, Nina Bifolchi. Mayor of Wasaga Beach says there isn't anything the town can do, because the high water levels are in the hands of Mother Nature.

She adds the levels should be taken into account when developing along the beachfront, and event planners should have a back-up plan.