Weekly Salute to our Community Heroes

Hero's Salute

Hero's Salute

A Hero’s Salute

Real Heroes don’t play professional sports.
Real Heroes don’t star in movies or TV shows.
Real Heroes risk their lives EVERY DAY to support the community they love - OUR community!

Each week we will feature a group of people we salute.

We encourage you to visit our CTV Barrie Facebook page and add your video message or written salute.

This week our Hero’s Salute goes out to... ESSENTIAL RETAIL WORKERS

If you are working in one of our many departments within ours hospitals in the region - we salute you!

If you are someone putting yourself at risk to ensure the safety of our most vulnerable - whether in a long term care home, community care home, as a PSW, social services or one of the many others within this category - we salute you!


If you are out on the roads during this time as a truck driver, mail courier, road maintenance, delivery driver or one of the many others within this category - we salute you!


To all of you serving our community as a Paramedic, Police Officer, Fire Fighter, thank you for risking your lives each and every day for us…we salute YOU…the true Heroes!


Brought to you by the County of Simcoe