A collection of personal and private information stolen during the Casino Rama cyberattack has been dumped online.

A five gigabyte file containing more than 14,000 documents was uploaded to a torrent website on Monday. The information belongs to people who’ve won big at the casino and former employees.

The files contain social insurance numbers, wage information, photo ID and confidential emails. The dump also contains an illustration of Casino Rama’s computer network.

“It’s my employee file with everything in it. There’s nothing I’m ashamed of, but everything’s out there,” says Jennifer Alton, a former Casino Rama employee. “You start to think about your credit rating and SIN number.”

This is the second Casino Rama dump to happen since the information was stolen earlier this month. The resort says it became aware of the situation on Nov. 4.

Casino officials have said customers' credit inquiries and collection and debt information were stolen, along with employees' information, including payroll data, social insurance numbers and dates of birth.

Cyber security experts tell CTV News that at first glance, it doesn’t appear the information was encrypted.

A class-action lawsuit has been filed against the casino by Charney Lawyers. The suit is seeking $50 million in damages.

“Releasing this information on the net could result in identity theft because it's exposed to criminals who can access it and may also mean that the information has been used previously for identity theft,” says lawyer Ted Charney. “Secondly it's of concern because it's publicly embarrassing for the individuals who are exposed.”

In a statement, a spokesperson for Casino Rama says they deeply regret the release of any stolen information and that data security is a top priority.

The hacker says new data will be dumped weekly.