GRAVENHURST, ONT. -- A Gravenhurst family used their time at home to create a snow sculpture replica of the iconic RMS Segwun steamship, and it's gaining attention.

Andrey Petrova, his wife and the couple's four-year-old son are happy to bring some joy with their attraction.  "A little bit of positivity during these difficult times. Something to brighten their workday or on their walk," Petrova said.

The real Segwun is close by and has long been a point of pride for the community as the oldest operating steam-driven vessel in North America.

The steamship, built in 1887, has attracted tourists for years.

Now the snow version is proving to be a timely distraction that's turning heads.

Petrova said when the eight-foot sculpture melts away, he's got a few more ideas for new sculptures ready to go, but he's not sharing those just yet.