In the fall of 2013, a teenage girl went to the police – she was underage, and she told officers she had had sex with Shayne Lund.

But she said she only went to police because Lund asked her for naked pictures of her little sister, who was about 9-years-old.  The teenager testified that she told Lund, “You know how old I am right?" and he responded, "Yes I like them young."

She also testified that Lund asked if she thought her little sister, "Could be trained to perform sexual acts?"

The teenager cannot be identified because she is a victim in the case. Until now, none of the evidence from the preliminary hearing could be reported. Lund pleaded guilty on Tuesday to 35 charges, which means evidence presented to the court can be reported.

The charges are disturbing and include making, possessing and distributing child pornography. They also include six counts of sexual assault, involving six different victims, some as young as four-years-old.

He also admitted to seven other charges of planning to sexually assault underage girls and one adult and also conspiring to drug a child.

In addition, Lund pleaded guilty to bestiality and conspiring to get some of his young victims to perform sexual acts with animals too.

One victim, again a teenager, told the court, “He asked me to have sex with horses... and dogs." But the girl said she couldn't go through with it.  Lund also made a secret pornographic recording of another girl.

All these crimes happened in Orillia, Penetanguishene, and Waterloo, mostly in the summer of 2013.

Yet another victim under the age of 16 told the court, “He would try and take my clothes off and I would say no… but I felt like if I didn't do it, it would upset him."

On the day of the arrest, the OPP issued a release, which identified Lund by name. The very next day the OPP issued a retraction, saying the information could not be reported.

Since then, the case has been making its way through the courts for nearly a year and a half.

At the time of some of these incidents, Lund was living with his father, Mark Lund, an OPP officer. Some victims testified some of the crimes happened at his house. Mark Lund was never allowed in the courtroom because he was a potential witness, but never ended up testifying.

When leaving court on Tuesday, Mark Lund had little to say about his son's guilty plea.

Lund's guilty plea was the third to come in this case. He had been jointly charged with Avery Taylor and Kathryn Thompson. Both women entered their guilty pleas earlier this year. Thompson pleaded guilty to 11 charges and Taylor to 10 charges.

Taylor's charges include conspiring to drug a child, making child pornography and sexual assault. Several witnesses said that Taylor would often babysit children, sometimes with Lund.

Court documents show Thompson admitted to bestiality offences and conspiring to drug a child.

Lund, Taylor and Thompson will all be assessed by a forensic psychiatrist. That will help determine if any of them will be considered dangerous offenders, but in the end it will be up to the judge to make that decision. That process will take several months.

As of right now, all three remain in custody.