Warning: Some of the details contained in this story are graphic in nature.

Shayne Lund's obsession with sexually assaulting children is now public information in a newly released agreed statement of facts.

The court document is more than two hundred pages long and includes disturbing text messages, redacted images of child pornography and bestiality – much of which Lund exchanged with co-accused Avery Taylor and Kathyrn Thompson. 

The court document states that Lund and Taylor would often discuss sexually assaulting young girls and in some cases drugging them.

In one text conversation, Lund writes to Taylor, “I wanted to have fun with a little one.” Taylor responds, “I’m sorry hun, I tried to get her.” Lund would go on to say, “I swear I'm gunna walk into the girls bathroom and take one.”

On another occasion, Lund and Taylor took a child to a beach and while in the water the statement of facts states, “With the assistance of Avery Taylor, Shayne Lund sexually assaulted [the victim]…” and that the victim, “Struggled and screamed during these attempts."

In a series of text messages the next day, Lund said he wished he could of knocked the victim out.

Lund has pleaded guilty to 35 charges – most of the crimes happened in the summer of 2013. There are six victims, with the youngest being only two-years-old.

The court document also states Lund sexually assaulted a 14-year-old girl, took pornographic photos of her and repeatedly encouraged her to perform sexual acts with a horse.

Excerpts from a Skype conversations, also noted in the agreed statement, revealed Lund and Thompson discussed having sex with their own children in the future and teaching them sexual acts.

The next step is for Lund to undergo a psychiatric assessment, which will help the judge decide if Lund should be deemed a dangerous offender.  

Since some specific details are disputed by the defence, there will be a future hearing where the Crown will be required to prove those facts.