BARRIE, ONT -- Snow and dropping temperatures are raising concerns and stress for Barrie's homeless and marginally housed.

"I feel like a plastic bag, a grocery bag in the litter," a man named Max getting help from the David Busby Centre said Sunday. "I feel invisible kinda."

Elicia Renee is determined to make people like Max feel seen and supported. She and a group of friends distributed coats, mittens, socks, underwear and other essentials downtown on Sunday.

"I don't know how people can become numb to it, can walk somebody on the side of the road because they're humans," Renee said. "It could happen to anyone, especially in COVID. Anybody could lose their job and then lose their house, and if you don't have friends or family that are able to help you that way, you're on the road. "

The outreach is part of Project Vera, named for Renee's late nanny.

Renee says she was the kind of person who would give up her shirt to a stranger or offer to cook them a meal.

"I just hope she's proud of me," Renee said fighting back tears.

You can help Project Vera by reaching out via

A count of Barrie's homeless population is expected to be completed Monday.