School doesn’t start until next week but grade nine students at Midland Secondary School were in class on Thursday.

Orientation day is the first unofficial day of the new school year for students. It allows students to get to know the school and reconnect with friends.

This year marks an exciting time for both students and staff at the Midland Secondary as it takes on a new ‘blended learning’ pilot project.

Classes are geared are geared towards students laptops and tablets, combining traditional teaching methods with increased use of online learning.

“They can access 24-7 resources and materials and they're not bounded by the limitations of one teacher giving all the information. They can access online resources; they can find experts out there as well. So for students it opens up a whole new world," says teacher Jaclyn Calder.

Students who do not have a computer are provided one. Midland Secondary is only one of two schools in Simcoe County participating in the pilot project.