Children love zoos and one local baby has a chance to enjoy them thanks to some lifesaving surgery.

Mila Kasper just celebrated her first birthday and her family has lots to be thankful for.

"When she was three months old she was diagnosed with a rare liver disease called biliary atresia and after that things became a little bit of a roller coaster ride," said Mila's father Karl.

"The Tuesday we had a doctor's appointment and he noticed a yellow tint in her eye, he sent us straight to RVH and within a week we were down at Sick Kids," explains Mila's mother.

For Mila, finding a donor was crucial and she was very lucky because her mom was a match.

"The liver is actually the only organ in the human body that can regenerate so for a liver donation they would take the small portion which is the left lobe of your liver and they can actually remove that and of course insert it into someone else who may need it," said Karl

And on Friday the family gave back to the hospital where their little girl got a second lease on life. Sam Persi is mila's grandfather and owns the Elmvale Jungle zoo.

"My daughter said there is no better place than (Sick Kids) down there. They are very very good, we need them (and) that's why we have to help them," said Sam. "We want to we try to help the hospital, to help a little bit and all the money we make today will go to them."

Carrissa Wineer showed up to help out. She got a liver transplant as a child and knows just how important it is to raise awareness and money.

"It's so amazing because when I was young there were six of us that were relatively the same, and I'm the only one that survived and those aren't the stats anymore," said Carrissa."

If you'd like to find out more organ donation you get information at any Service Ontairio office or click here.