A photo album with faded pictures and a single birthday card help Marilyn and Hud Ringel preserve precious memories of their daughter Tammy.

On Dec, 9, 1972, a much younger and pregnant Marilyn was pushing a baby carriage along 7th Avenue East in Owen Sound. Her toddler son Shawn was in tow.

A fishtailing car approached from the north, when the worst possible thing happened.

“The car seemed to straighten out and I said to Shawn, ‘Come on we are good now.’ I looked up and the lights were there. He had hit her in the stroller,” Marilyn recalled.

The driver of the car sped off into the night. One-year-old Tammy was pronounced dead a short time later at the hospital.

“Today she is still in my mind. She’s still a year old, laying there just like she was sleeping. She still had the resuscitation tube down her throat; it looked like she had a soother in her mouth,” Hud said

The driver of the car was never found. Forty-five years later, the Ringels are still grieving, still waiting. 

“We were left hurting, while somebody else went on with their life and this is where we sit,” says Hud.

They believe the person responsible is still out there, somewhere. 

“Give us some tips. Give us an idea. Give us some closure. That’s what we want.”

Owen Sound police still believe the case is solvable.