Lots of people like to put a few chairs or flowers on their dock but one man in Muskoka has a very unusual display.

Meet Koilos, he stands close to 30 feet tall and weighs almost 2000 pounds.

Andrew Cummings brought the statue from Toronto, where it had been on display in the city’s distillery district. He had admired Koilos for years and when he noticed the statue was being damaged he purchased it. He built a custom dock and had it shipped to Baxter Island, near Bracebridge, Ont.

“Definitely a hassle, it was a four day project,” said Cummings.

Koilos always draws a crowd – but what is he?

“I don’t know how to describe him other than he’s anthropomorphic like a man – most of him,” added Cummings.

Without a doubt the statue is the most popular monster on Lake Muskoka.

“Koilos has become famous in all of Muskoka, attracting people from far and wide,” says one boater.

Andrew Cummings says everyone is welcome to come by and see Koilos, touch him, feel him, get to know him but he asks that you please don’t climb on him.