Georgian College is opening the door to innovation by becoming just one of 90 institutions that will be sharing more than $73 million from the federal government.

The college’s president, Mary Lynn West-Moynes, said the $2 million the college will receive over five years is a windfall. “The competitiveness to receive an NSERC (Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada) grant is just astronomical.”

“Our government is committed to returning science and research to their rightful place,” said Kristy Duncan, Minister of Science and Sport in a news release on Thursday. “We’re investing in students and small-to-medium sized businesses so they can work together on a diverse range of research projects to boost economic development and create jobs across the country.”

Mira Ray, the director of research and innovation at the college, said allowing students and businesses to work together benefits both parties. “A company can come to a college and say ‘you know, I am having trouble with this. I am working on a new product. I am working on a new service. Can you help me?’ And in a matter of months, a college can turn that around.”

The partnership will increase the competitiveness of local business and offer students real-life experience. “It means the potential for more jobs, better jobs, and a richer, stronger economy regionally,” explained Ray.

Georgian College is looking for local companies and entrepreneurs to partner with who require innovation and research development assistance.