The former general manager at Barrie Nissan pleaded guilty to mischief over $5,000 for vandalizing a car on a rival’s lot in January.

Douglas Ross was caught on surveillance video keying a 2018 Pathfinder at the Experience Nissan lot in Orillia causing more than $6,000 in damage.

Ross was the general manager at Barrie Nissan at the time of the incident. The court heard he was upset when a customer chose to purchase from the Orillia dealership after cancelling a purchase with his dealership.

Ross was suspended from work after the charges and has since lost his job with Barrie Nissan.

The judge called the vandalism a serious matter and scolded Ross, saying he should have known better.

“It’s almost so hard to understand because you had to have known they have video surveillance on the property and that you would be caught in the surveillance. Perhaps it’s an indication that you weren’t really in your right mind,” the judge stated.

Ross was initially facing three counts of mischief. The court heard he has a previous mischief conviction from more than a decade ago.

CTV News spoke with the owner of the Orillia dealership after the incident in January. She explained her disbelief over the situation saying she went on a company trip with Ross for a Nissan plant meeting, and that she “sat beside him the entire day and talked to him, and I never would have thought this of this person.”

Ross was sentenced to 12 months probation. He must attend counselling and is prohibited from visiting the Experience Nissan dealership. He also has to repay the cost of the repair job on the vehicle that he damaged.