A new floating waterpark is set to open in Barrie.

The park, which is also an obstacle course, is being built thirty metres from the shoreline at Centennial Beach. 

On Saturday last minute preparations took place, while residents watched.

“I think it's going to be good for Barrie,” says Barrie resident Katie Charlebois. “It's going to give kids something to do and looks like will be a good summer activity.”

The B.C. company behind the project was awarded a five year contract by the city to create the new summer tourist attraction.

Splash on Water Parks operates three similar parks on the west coast.

“It is unique and Barrie has never seen anything like this and it's a way to enjoy the water without a large impact on the surrounding area,” says owner Brittany Gallagher.

The inflatable water park will be able to hold 100 people at a time.

Organizers say the water park will be open seven days a week throughout the summer from 10am to 8pm. An all-day pass will be $25, and an evening pass will be $15.