Multiple collisions involving fire trucks has Orillia firefighters urging drivers to move over when they hear wailing sirens.

“We’ve had a few incidents, we’ve had a couple accidents,” said Orillia Fire Captain Glenn Higgins.

On February 5, Higgins says one of their trucks was T-boned by a driver from Oro-Medonte, causing more than just damage to the truck.

“There’s quite substantial damage done to that truck,” said Higgins, “and one of the firefighters was transported to hospital with non-serious injuries”

That firefighter was released with minor injuries, but Higgins warns it could have been much worse.

This wasn`t the only recent incident.

Another truck was involved in a collision with a transport truck, while it was used as a blocker to protect the scene of an accident.

“The transport clipped it when it as it was trying to pass,” said Higgins, “so it caused damage to the truck,”
According to Higgins, all of this happened within the last three to four weeks.

"It's disheartening when a vehicle gets hit,” said Higgins, “it also causes problems with apparatus, now we're short a truck."

Fire officials say it’s the law to slow down and move over when approaching stopped emergency vehicles. Failure to do so can result in a $490 fine.