BARRIE, ONT. -- There's an old saying from the American south that describes extreme heat, 'It's hotter than a blister bug in a pepper patch.'

While south-central Ontario doesn't have blister bugs or pepper patches, today's humidex high of 38 C mirrors Atlanta Georgia's oppressive heat.

The term heat-wave isn't used much anymore, but by definition, it certainly applies to our forecast.

We have had more than three consecutive days of 32 C or warmer temperatures, and judging by the forecast will have at least three more.

On this date in Barrie in 1872, it was a record 35.6 C.

Thursday's humidex- infused temperature high is expected to hit 38 C. Earlier in June, Environment Canada went on record saying the summer of 2020 would be "...average to slightly above average in temperatures" and so far, that would be accurate.

Barrie's average high on this date is 25 C, which is closer to our forecasted overnight low of 18 than our high for today.

By Thursday morning, heat warnings were issued for much of southern Ontario. That warning is expected to smother a good portion of the province by Friday.

This heat-blanket comes with some additional risks.

Rising heat and moisture can produce some potentially dangerous storm conditions that can develop very quickly.

Checking the forecast frequently is a good idea.

And make no mistake, Canadians everywhere are talking about the weather, even in Alert Nunavut, where 18.8 C in June established a new one-day heat record for the month.