There may be snow in the fields, but the growing season is just around the corner for local farmers.

Morris Gervais at Barrie Hill Farms has just received great news when it comes to his foreign workers.

“I had seven workers arrive on the 25th of February, so today they are finishing their last day of quarantine here on the farm,” Gervais said.

With so many COVID restrictions in place, some Ontario farmers fear they may not be able to get enough foreign workers in the fields in time and, in some cases, at all. Gervais knows he is one of the lucky ones.

“At day 10 of their quarantine, they were given a home test kit to test, and they have just tested negative,” Gervais added.

That will allow the Barrie Farmer and his staff to get started pruning apple trees tomorrow before shifting their focus to asparagus and other foods.

In the Holland Marsh, Bill Eek is getting set to grow carrots and onions. He also finds himself in a good spot. His three foreign workers never left the country.

“They had a chance to go back home at the end of January, and they decided to stay simple reason because they didn’t know if they would be able to come back,” Eek said.

Some farmers are hoping the government allows the out-of-country workers to be treated as essential.

Gervais is hopeful the federal government considers the possibility that those workers who do come from out of the country are immunized as they arrive in Canada.