A family has abandoned their home in the Bahamas, and spent their life savings to escape the threat of Hurricane Irma.

Desiree Johnson and her two sons fled without a plan. They say they know they made an impulsive decision, but felt they had no other choice. The Johnsons arrived at Pearson International Airport around 10:30 p.m. on Thursday.

“I didn’t sleep at all, I paced the floor, I walked, I tried to call. It was not a good feeling”, Johnson told CTV Barrie.

The family of three doesn’t have any relatives or friends in Toronto, but they say they know Canada is a country with a caring reputation.  They don’t know what tomorrow will bring, but they have already reached out to several community agencies looking for help.

Irma’s pounding of the southern Bahamas also brings back terrifying memories of a previous storm.

“It was very scary, we were out for about 2 months – no water, no lights, some places no food”, Johnson recalls. Her 35-year-old son, Jevon Johnson, says he found the meaning of terror during Hurricane Matthew.

The family is now planning on asking the federal government to remain in Canada. Johnson says she wants an opportunity for two of her three sons to start a new life. Her third son was left behind in Bahamas, as the family didn’t have enough money to escape all together.

If you want to help the family, you can click here.