In a shocking turn of events, the man found guilty in a crash that killed a woman in 2014 fired his lawyer ahead of his sentencing hearing.

Family and friends of Shania Slater were left in disbelief on Tuesday, as Andrew Fallows fired defence lawyer Eginhart Ehlers.

“It's a slap in the face when it comes to the justice system,” says Rose Looyenga, Slatera's mother.

Fallows then asked Justice John McCarthy for a few weeks to find new counsel.

“Not so much shocked as surprised, i guess you could say,” Ehlers said. “I don’t know what Mr. Fallows is planning. Whether that's wise or not, only time will tell.”

Fallows has been in custody since Aug. 1 when he was found guilty on four charges, including impaired driving causing death.

The truck he was driving crashed on Highway 11 on Thanksgiving weekend three years ago.

According to testimony, Fallows tried to make it appear as if Slater was behind the wheel by moving her lifeless body from the passenger side to the driver's seat.

Ready to deliver victim impact statements, Shania's family was incensed by Fallows’ actions.

“Doesn’t seem like he even cares, so it's just really hard to look at Andy because that just brings tears to my eyes,” says Melissa Slater, sister.

The sentencing hearing will take place on Nov. 3.