Drivers will need to pack patience this summer as they will have to navigate through several construction projects as they head to and from the cottage.

There are several projects already underway in our region, including a new bridge being built at Crown Hill where Highways 400 and 11 split. A section of the southbound lanes of Highway 400 will also be repaved this summer.

The Ministry of Transportation says it’s trying to limit the delays by shutting down lanes when the highways aren’t busy, like at night. But that can’t always be done so they say there will be lane closures and traffic slowdowns all summer long.

Construction projects scheduled for 2015

1.       Hwy. 401 / Hwy. 400 structure rehabilitation

-          Hwy. 400 SB to Hwy. 401 EB reduced to one lane until the end of October 2015

2.       Hwy. 400 from Canal Rd. to Innifil Beach Rd.

-          Pavement rehabilitation and median barrier/sewer construction expected to finish in fall 2016

3.       Hwy. 400 & Bradford 11th Line (Coulson Rd.)

-          Design build project for bridge replacement until fall 2015

4.       Hwy. 400 / Hwy. 11 split

-          Bridge replacement started in spring 2013 and expected to finish in fall 2015

5.       Hwy. 400 at Bayfield, Essa and Anne streets

-          Bridge rehabilitations at Bayfield, Essa and Anne Street overpasses. Expected to finish in fall 2015

6.       Hwy. 400 at Duckworth St.

-          Bridge replacement and road improvements

7.       Hwy. 400 SB lanes from Hwy. 93 to Hwy. 400/11 split

-          Pavement resurfacing from spring 2015 to fall 2015

8.       Hwy. 26 from Simcoe Rd. 27 to Nottawasaga River

-          Pavement rehabilitation and drainage improvements from spring 2015 to fall 2015

9.       Hwy. 400 at Simcoe Rd. 23

-          Design build for bridge rehabilitation with expected competition in fall 2015

10.   Hwy. 400 at Severn River

-          Design build for bridge rehabilitation. Design started in 2014, construction scheduled for 2015 & 2016

11.   Hwy. 11 – Shellswell Creek and Simcoe Rd. 38

-          Culvert  replacement at Shellswell Creek

-          Pavement rehabilitation from Simcoe Rd. 38 to Severn

-          Expected to start in spring 2015 and expected competition in fall 2015

12.   Hwy. 11 – Severn River West Branch

-          Bridge rehabilitation

-          Started in spring 2014 and expected to be completed by mid-May 2015