BARRIE, ONT. -- Despite some snowfall expected to ring in the month of November on Sunday and into Monday, don't expect the white stuff to stick around, says Environment Canada's senior climatologist Dave Phillips.

"It's not your White Christmas snow at the beginning of November because we're up to double-digits next week," Phillips says.

The weather specialist says November should maintain the same weather pattern as October, with warmer than average temperatures and a little drier than usual.

Area lakes this summer were considerably warmer than normal, and the Great Lakes remain that way.

Lake-effect snow is expected to arrive in November, but the consistent, bitter cold temperatures are not, and that, says Phillips, is unusual.

"Nine out of 10 years we've had a killing frost by October 20th, but we're still waiting for that this year," Phillips says.

The southerly airflow will continue in early November as our temperatures remain warmer than typical. The latter part of the month should see a return to more normal November weather conditions but still a long way from last year's -22 C deep freeze.

Temperature dips are likely, but next month is expected to feel more like an extended autumn, as opposed to an early winter.

"Still sweater weather, not yet leather weather," says Phillips.