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Environment Canada predicts warm, dry weather as farmers reap spring rain's benefits


If you think it's been a wet April and May, you're not alone.

"We've had a lot of rain, no question about it. Both April and May have been rain, rain and rain. We've had more days with rain than not, which is surprising," said Dave Phillips, senior climatologist with Environment Canada.

The abundance of rain has been beneficial for local farmers, particularly those harvesting asparagus.

"It's really good for everything that is in the ground, everything that's growing, that has been planted. We feel a little bit behind with planting right now, so if it dries up, that would be okay, too, for a little bit. We can get back to planting," said Laina Harris of Harris Farms, located just outside Barrie in Springwater Township.

Currently, asparagus is the main crop being harvested at Harris Farms, with strawberries next in line.

"So far, they have been doing okay. They are in full bloom, so they have lots of white flowers on them. We're hoping in the next three weeks we get some heat. That way, in three weeks, we'll have strawberries ready," Harris added.

Heat on the Horizon

Farmers are hoping for a brief respite from the rain to resume planting.

According to Environment Canada, that break is on the horizon.

"We're going to see drier weather, sunny weather, warmer weather, more beach kind of weather. So I think the farmers have the moisture they're going to need, and now they're going to get the heat they need in the months to come. Those strawberries, I can already taste them," said Phillips.

Although more rain is forecasted for Tuesday, Environment Canada predicts that dry and warm conditions will kick in for the season. Top Stories

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