Environment Canada is keeping a close eye on the upcoming storm season.

For the last two days people across the province have been enjoying 30 C, but meteorologist Geoff Colson says it’s this kind of weather that can spark severe storms.

“That warm humid air that a lot of people enjoy can also be the fuel that drives these strong thunderstorms,” he says. “As we get further into the month of May, especially as we get into the month of June, severe thunderstorms like this become more likely.”

Specifically, Coulson and his team at Environment Canada will be keeping a close eye on the possibility of tornadoes.

“We know that the Barrie area can be an active area for these storms like the recent Angus tornado. All around Lake Simcoe and Simcoe County itself can be an active area for these types of storms.”

On average, about a dozen tornadoes are reported in southern Ontario every year.  So far, there's only been one in the London area. 

“There's no indication at this point that it will be a more active season than normal.”

Environment Canada recommends watching the clouds for signs of what may be coming.