Tomorrow morning, drivers in Ontario will likely see the cost of gas for their vehicles increase.

Analysts predict as of midnight April 1; fuel prices will go up approximately five cents a litre.

“If that's not good enough wait till the following week,” said GasBuddy Senior Petroleum Analyst Dan McTeague.

“Summer to winter, winter to summer gasoline that always brings with it a five cent increase. That'll push it up to about I'd say about $1.29.”

This all comes as the Federal Government implements a Carbon Tax, which aims to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by putting a price on pollution.

Ontario is one of four provinces to implement the tax because it doesn’t have a carbon pricing program.

According to the government, Canadians will see that money returned through a rebate as part of their income tax. A family of four will receive an average of $307 in the form of its climate-action incentive payments.

“To come out and blatantly say they are going to give back the consumer the money,” said a Barrie resident.

“The cost of taking money from us and giving it back far outweighs the benefits to the government of getting the money,”

Doug Downey, MPP for Barrie-Springwater-Oro-Medonte, says he’s disappointed; hearing a lot of people are angry.

“People, they have to get to work. They have to get to places they need to be, and we want our kids in hockey, and dance and people have to get there, they have to take their kids there. That's the kind of community that we live in. It's a big country. It’s a big province.”

Drivers can expect to pay somewhere near the $1.35 mark by summer.

“Look for another five to eight cents a litre,” said McTeague. “We could be looking at a total of 20-cents a litre increase in the month of April.”

With files from CTV News Ottawa