BRACEBRIDGE, ONT. -- The downtown streets of Bracebridge will transform into the set of a new Hallmark movie.

Tycoon's Kiss will start filming on Manitoba Street this week, and Jill Harris, economic development officer, says it will help the local economy.

"Hotels are hosting about 80 to 100 crew. The restaurant industry gets a big boost, and things like the hardware store, gas stores, even venues that are rented out for other shots," Harris says.

Most of the filming is scheduled to happen Thursday and Friday, and Harris says there are strict pandemic protocols in place.

"My understanding is that the crew is tested a couple of times a week, the cast is tested every day because, of course, they aren't wearing masks, and certain members of the crew only have contact with the cast," she says.

This isn't the first time Bracebridge has been the location of choice for a movie, but it doesn't damper the excitement.

"Typically, when the movies come to town, so do extra people, and extra business nad certainly in these times it's welcomed and appreciated," says Camp Muskoka Coffee House founder Scott Creed.

"I think it's great. It's pretty exciting for our town and gives everyone a good lift," says Elizabeth Walker, whose business Bliss Boutique, will be in the movie.

Anyone travelling through the area on Thursday and Friday should expect parking restrictions and road closures, but businesses will remain open to the public.