BARRIE -- A Barrie dog rescue organization is looking for people who have plans to fly from Winnipeg to Toronto.

The Lost Boys Hope Dog Rescue brings stray dogs from Northern Manitoba to Barrie and matches them with their forever homes.

The organization has successfully adopted out 800 dogs since starting five years ago.

The agency only asks that anyone flying from Winnipeg to Toronto sends them an email - and they take care of the rest.

"You have to do nothing," explains owner Kelley Ward. "You just send us an email saying you're flying. Send us non-personal information such as your confirmation number, the date you are flying, and we book it, we pay for it, and we get all of the dogs there, and we get all of the dogs picked up."

The dog rescue even covers the cost of adding the animal to the flight ticket.

The Lost Boys Hope Dog Rescue uses social media to find potential adopters. The organization could also use donations of dog food.