The District of Muskoka announced Wednesday that it will officially transition to direct delivery of land ambulance services in September.

Medavie EMS Ontario Ltd. has provided the service under contract with the District over the past seven years.

The district said in a press release that the change will have no impact on patient care services to the public.

“Transition plans have been carefully developed and will ensure that that the highest quality ambulance service available for Muskoka is maintained,” said District chair John Klinck.

The District has notified the paramedic company about the transition into direct delivery. Medavie EMS paramedics currently delivering ambulance services in Muskoka will join the district staff team.

“We are proud to have served the District since 2009 through dedicated efforts of paramedic and leadership teams,” says Paula Poirier, President Medavie EMS Ontario. “Our focus continues to be on supporting the paramedics through this change in management while, at same time, ensuring a seamless transition in patient care the communities we serve."

"We look forward to working with the dedicated team of paramedics who have been serving Muskoka,” said Michael Duben, CAO for the district. “They will be a welcome addition to our staff team, and their unique knowledge of community health needs and expertise will help us uncover opportunities to link with other existing programs to serve the community.”

The district has begun recruitment for the position of Chief of Paramedics Services & Emergency Planning.

The transition to direct delivery will take effect on Sept. 4.