COLLINGWOOD, ONT. -- Waterfront communities from Barrie to The Blue Mountains were hit hard by an onslaught of visitors over the weekend.

Collingwood resident Chris Potts said he was shocked by the amount of garbage left behind and the number of people parked at Sunset Point.

"Cars parked on the side streets, front lawns, people's driveways... it's just completely disgusting and unacceptable," he said.

The hot summer weather and end of the provincial stay-at-home order created the perfect storm in Wasaga Beach, where visitors came out in droves.

"I haven't seen this much garbage on the beach since 2015 Canada Day," said recycler John Bynen.

Toronto resident Jack Maghamez said the number of people leaving a trail of trash is "not acceptable."

The OPP had its regular complement of officers on duty over the weekend, despite Maghamez saying he didn't see any enforcement or police.

Bylaw officers in Collingwood issued nearly 200 parking tickets over the weekend, while officers enforced parking regulations in Wasaga Beach.

The Town of Wasaga Beach issued a statement to visitors after the weekend saw crowds swell and traffic come to a standstill calling for better behaviour and respect for residents.

Many are left to worry that this past weekend is just a sample of what's to come with the summer ahead.