Police are investigating after racist vandalism was discovered at Nantyr Shores Secondary School in Innisfil.

The N-word and a pair of swastikas were etched into the metal sign in front of the school, leaving South Simcoe Police looking for whoever is responsible.

"Obviously, it's vandalism, and it's going to cost the taxpayers money, but it's also sending messages in our community that we don't tolerate," Inspector John Van Dyke said.

Officers were called to the school on Anna Maria Avenue on Tuesday morning after staff noticed the racist and anti-semitic markings.

The damage to the metal frame was too extensive to repair on the spot, so it was immediately covered up.

The school has several outdoor surveillance cameras, but it's not clear if the vandal(s) was captured on camera. Police say they are treating it as an isolated incident, for now.

"I'm not prepared to call it a hate crime investigation at this stage of the game, because it did not target a specific individual, place of residence or their business," said Van Dyke.

Police say that if found, the suspect(s) will face mischief charges.

Investigators are appealing for witnesses or anyone in the area with security camera footage to come forward.