There are big plans to revitalize The Five Points in downtown Barrie.

Developer Joe Santos wants to build a 20-storey condominium and retail complex.

The corner has sat vacant since the Wellington Hotel burned down in 2007.

The building would go on a block of land that includes the vacant site of the old Wellington Hotel and would include restaurants, stores and more than 200 condo units.

“I see that site as a catalyst to the entire area,” said Santos. “We could talk about rejuvenation and all of that, but until you have something like this to set the course, the rubber doesn’t hit the road.”

Santos says he has the support of Ward 2 councillor Rose Romita and hopes to secure other necessary approvals from city hall.

``It all depends on how it`s presented, but it`s something that`s a long time coming for the Five Points,`said Romita.

If the city approves the plan for the height of the building and other necessary permits, Santos is hopeful the building will be ready to open in under four years.