Before Burl’s Creek can make the most out of its newly approved temporary use bylaw, a few details need to be ironed out.

An archaeological study is awaiting approval by Ontario’s Ministry of Tourism, Culture and Sport, while an agricultural plan for caring for the land also needs to be determined.

The Ontario Municipal Board approved the bylaw, which means the event park will be able to use 600 acres of land for camping and parking, according to Mayor Harry Hughes. The bylaw will stay in effect until December 2018.

“Jubilation, really. The reaction from Burl's Creek was certainly a sign of relief,” says Hughes.

The decision doesn’t sit well with angry residents, who say they're voices aren't being heard.

“I think the OMB completely ignored all the experts' advice for what this land is used for and that's farm land,” says Bruce Wiggins of Save Oro.

The Save Oro group is concerned by what they say is excessive noise, lewd behaviour and the township ignoring bylaw violations.

“I think it's just a terrible shame that those of us who moved here for the quiet and serenity of a rural environment are subjected to booming loud noises in the middle of the night,” says Barry Miller, resident.

Despite some protests from residents, the shows will go on at Burl's Creek this summer, starting July 28 with the WayHome Music and Arts Festival.