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Desperate call for blood donors as supply levels drop

Amidst an upcoming change in season and regular work and school schedules resuming, Canadian Blood Services is pleading with the public to include a donation in their routines.

Officials with the Barrie branch say they are experiencing less than-optimal inventory levels for all blood types. In Barrie alone, there are 25 empty appointments on Friday and more than 35 on Saturday that need filling.

The shortage is not just being felt in Barrie but throughout the country.

When speaking with CTV News in late August, Cheryl Russell, the community development manager with Canadian Blood Services Barrie, said the organization often struggles with regular donors over the summer months but added that unusual events this year have made levels less than optimal.

This weekend, Canadian Blood Services Barrie is marking the third annual Pet Lovers Give Blood Day, hoping to entice donors while also giving back to another local charity in need.

"Help bring patients home to their pets," Russell said to CTV News. "Come and visit the center and receive a bandana for your pet. Please bring in an unopened bag of dog food or treats within the date expiry range to help support the Simcoe County Pet Food Bank."

If you'd like to book an appointment, click here or call 1-888-2-DONATE (236-6283). Top Stories

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