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Declutter with Barrie's Curbside Giveaway Days

Items are left in clear garbage bags at the curb in Barrie, Ont. (CTV NEWS) Items are left in clear garbage bags at the curb in Barrie, Ont. (CTV NEWS)

This fall, clean out your closets and put your used items to the curb for others to pick up free of charge.

The City of Barrie is holding its Curbside Giveaway Days (previously New To Me Day) on Saturday, allowing residents to put items at the curb between 8 a.m. and 9 p.m. to help prolong the life of the landfill.

"It's like a garage sale, but without the money or hassle," the City's website states about the giveaway day that takes place twice a year in the spring and fall. "Everything you place at the end of your driveway or lawn on the specified day is free for others to pick up."

Residents must label items as FREE and leave them at the curb.

Residents can also share the items on the City's Facebook event for Curbside Giveaway Day to show others what's being offered.

Items remaining curbside by 9 p.m. the same day must be taken back; there will not be a special municipal collection.

Residents in the BIA area of the downtown are unable to participate in the curbside giveaway because the City says placing items on the sidewalk could be hazardous to pedestrians. Top Stories

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