After pleading guilty last month to two separate sexual assaults last year, David Partridge learned his fate Monday.

Partridge admitted to violently sexually assaulting a teenage girl on a trail in South Barrie last November. The court heard he punched the teen several times and grabbed her by the throat before sexually assaulting her.

On Monday, Partridge was sentenced to four years and six months for the assault. Justice Edward Carleton called the assaults "a violent and degrading attack," adding it was "a serious violation of dignity and sexual integrity."

Partridge was also sentenced to four months in prison for sexually assaulting a woman jogging in the Ardagh and Eaglestone area in October 2018.

The judge saying "it is clear that to some degree Mr. Partridge stalked (the victim) by following her after seeing her at the stop light" again calling the assaults " a violation of sexual integrity."

Justice Carleton said he took into consideration that Partridge doesn't have a prior criminal record and that he has demonstrated remorse by pleading guilty. An assessment has also determined that he's a low risk to reoffend.

In addition to time behind bars Partridge will be listed on the sex offender's registry for life and must provide a DNA sample. He is also prohibited from attending public places like parks, schools, and community centres where children under 16 are present for twenty years.

Partridge has been in custody since he was arrested last November, which the judge has given him credit for and now has forty months left on his sentence.