For a third straight day, the Crown hammered a Midland nurse on whether she coerced Deanna Leblanc’s husband for approval to remove her from life support.

The Crown argued on Thursday that Joanna Flynn did not give Leblanc's husband enough time to decide on disconnecting life support.

Flynn testified she met with Michael Leblanc for only about five minutes to discuss taking Leblanc off of life support.

"Did you explore whether his wishes were the product of fatigue, stress, was he thinking straight? Did you try to explore that in any shape or form?" asked the Crown.

"Not in that conversation, no," she responded. The Crown then asked, “or ever?”

"Three times I asked him if he wanted to take some time and think about this."

Mike testified earlier in court he felt like "he didn't have much of a choice." This led the Crown to argue that Flynn coerced Leblanc's husband.

"You told him that his wife was brain dead. Isn’t that a fact Ms. Flynn?" She responded, “no, that's not correct."

"You told him that she wasn't coming back, that she was probably looking down from heaven." Again she responded, "no, that's not correct."

"You told him that it's just her body, and she's already dead." One last time she said, "no, that's not correct."

The Crown suggested that Flynn pressured him for permission, but Flynn denied it.

Flynn has pleaded not guilty to manslaughter and criminal negligence causing death.