BARRIE, ONT. -- An outbreak of COVID-19 has been declared at an inpatient unit at Georgian Bay General Hospital.

One patient and one staff member in the unit have tested positive for the virus.

While the outbreak is limited to the 2 North inpatient unit, changes are affecting the entire hospital. All visits to GBGH are on hold during the outbreak, except for visits to patients in palliative care or giving birth.

The hospital says all patients and staff working in the affected unit were tested for COVID Friday. By Saturday evening, no new infections had been reported.

COVID medical lead Dr. Dan Lee, says officials are trying to determine who else may be at risk of infection.

“We started (Friday) doing very in-depth contact tracing, and our hospital, at least with our staff, we have reached out to every single person related to that unit. And so right now, we can’t determine…where this has come from, or how it’s been transmitted.”

The 2 North unit isn’t accepting new patients while the outbreak is on.