BARRIE, ONT. -- The County of Simcoe is rolling out a new automated cart system for curbside collection to provide a safe solution for residents and collection workers.

The county will deliver roughly 450,000 carts to eligible locations between August and October. Each household will receive three carts for garbage, recycling and organics.

Each cart has wheels, ergonomic handles, lids and a gravity locking system that automatically unlocks when tipped by the collection truck's mechanical arm. The sturdy carts are expected to reduce wind-blown litter into ditches and roadways and protect against critters.

Simcoe County Warden George Cornell said the program is an "improved collection system."

"We're confident that residents will find the easy-to-wheel carts to be a far more convenient solution than carrying and storing multiple bags, containers and open bins each week," he said.

The county said collection days might change with the program's start as trucks are re-routed to increase efficiency.

The new cart system will start on Nov. 1.