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Is the CTV News Cottage Traffic App free to all users?

Yes, the CTV Cottage Traffic App is free to all users, but is supported by our advertisers.  In this way, users get safe, personalized and timely audio traffic information thanks to sponsorship by advertisers.  We try hard to ensure that the overall experience of using the app is good and the ads are not too intrusive. 

How do I get the CTV News Cottage Traffic App on my phone?

You can get the CTV Cottage Traffic App on all Smartphones. The app may not display optimally on some older phone formats, so if you have any problems, please email us.

Why does the CTV News Cottage Traffic App sometimes get the traffic wrong?

The app relies on users running the app on the road while they drive and automatically providing traffic information to other users behind them.  We have thousands of users running the app every day, but sometimes you might be the first driver on that road.  In this case, the system uses historical traffic patterns along with weather, time of day and seasonal information to predict the traffic ahead of you.  If you see a traffic problem on your cottage route please help other drivers by calling to report any issues.

Does the CTV News Cottage Traffic App suggest alternate routes?

The app does not currently automatically suggest alternate routes but that’s a feature we hope to offer soon.  For now, you can record your usual routes and their alternatives, and check them before you get on the road to see if there are any issues.

How much data does the CTV News Cottage Traffic App use?

The app is built with advanced compression technology – it uses about 5 MB of data for each hour of use.  To reduce data and battery use, the app automatically goes into EcoMode after a few minutes and hides the map view.  Touch the screen to return to map view or turn off EcoMode in the settings menu.

How much battery life does the CTV News Cottage Traffic App consume?

The App uses the built-in GPS technology on your phone or tablet. When GPS is turned on, it consumes more battery life than otherwise. Our field testing shows it uses about 20% of battery after running the CTV Cottage Traffic App for 30 minutes on newer iPhone, BlackBerry and Android models. For older iPhone models, the battery consumption can be higher. We recommend that you use a car charger so that you can be sure the app will always run without affecting your battery level.

What happens when I report traffic?

When you press the “Call to Report Traffic” button, or press SPACE on BlackBerry models, you will be connecting to our Traffic Reporting Centre where you can leave a voicemail about any traffic issues or problems with the app. When you call to report traffic troubles, please be sure to leave the name and direction of the road, the nearest intersection and the reason for the delay if you can see it.  Our staff reviews your voicemail and enters the information into the system to let all other users knows about it.  Detailed incident information is a big part of what makes the CTV News Cottage Traffic App so useful, so please call in frequently to report any issues.

Is Bluetooth supported?

Only newer A2DP capable Bluetooth devices are able to stream alerts.  If you are able to stream music over your Bluetooth headset or car system then you should be able to stream the CTV News Cottage Traffic App in the same way.

Why do we collect your email address and what do we do with it?

We collect your email address to inform you of product updates, to send occasional critical traffic alerts, and to thank you for your help when you report traffic to our Traffic Center.  Registering your email is optional, but if you do wish to take advantage of the benefits of registering – please supply the correct email address.

How does the Distracted Driving law in Ontario affect the CTV News Cottage Traffic App?

We recommend you review the information published by the Ministry of Transportation of Ontario for the acceptable in-car use scenarios.

As a driver, your first responsibility is to drive safely: any unnecessary activity that distracts a driver from the task of driving should always be avoided. The CTV News Cottage Traffic App service is designed for hands-free operation. Safe vehicle operation is the driver’s responsibility.

I do not hear any voice alerts!

If you don’t hear any voice alerts but have seen the green, yellow or red alert screen, check your mute switch and volume controls.  The CTV News Cottage Traffic App is an audio app designed for safe use while driving, so to get the full benefit of the app, please un-mute the volume. If you have neither seen alert screens nor heard voice alerts, the road you are travelling may not be covered by the system. If you continue to experience this while driving on major highways or other roads, contact us, and we will investigate further.