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Corn producers across Simcoe County report solid season

It's that time of year when locally-grown corn is ready for your kitchen table. Over the next several weeks, you'll notice corn stands popping up roadside.

"I was driving along the highway here up to Parry Sound and decided to stop in and get some corn," said Tim McRae, who stopped at a corn booth in Waubashene on Tuesday.

Corn producers across Simcoe County say it's been a solid season.

"It's been a great year too. This will be full of flavour; cook it for eight minutes, and we're good to go," said Joel Konrad with Konrad Farms.

Konrad said he has six booths set up for the season.

"We typically try to set up on the busy roads, and since we're on back roads, we find it hard to get people to come to the farm, so we kind of say we're going to bring the farm to you so we come to the busy roads the busy intersections throughout Barrie and Alliston area," said Konrad.

Up in Waubashene, Hewitts farm is also gearing up for a busy few weeks.

"We've had lots of rain, as most people know, and it's actually helped the corn a fair bit. Everything is filled right out to the top. The cobs are nice and big, and they taste great," noted Hewitt.

There was no shortage of people stopping to pick up corn Tuesday, including Dwight Samuels, who stopped by a corn booth in between Barrie and Angus.

"I like the sweetness. It's quick, easy, and it's healthy. I love it," he said.

Farmers say corn will be available after Labour Day weekend in early September before the focus shifts to pumpkin season. Top Stories


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