High water levels are causing serious problems across our region, but in Kawartha Lakes, it's not just the threat of record-high water that has people worried.

Residents at Balsam Lake are familiar with rising water this time of year, but this year they’re especially high.

Not only is the water high, it's nearing a record high. The Kawartha Conservation Authority lifted the flood warning for the area yesterday, but a flood watch remains in effect.

That high water isn't Gerry McKewon's main concern, however.

“If the winds are very high and the ice is moving in large patches it can really come up against boathouse and shorelines and do some damage,” he says.

There are stretches of open water on Balsalm Lake, but most of it is still frozen. And because the ice was so thick this year, there are real concerns that large chunks may cause big damage.

“This year we had 30 inches of ice which is abnormal for me,” says John Beall, who owns the Balsalm Resort and has lived on the lake his whole life.

His docks were damaged during last year’s spring melt by flooding, but he fears this year it could be worse.

“Last year the water levels were higher than they are now but ice damage and wind damage are worse than the water damage just because of the levels of the water,” Beall says.

Residents say the next couple of days are critical. While water levels have dropped they are still worried about the large ice floes that could cause damage to shorelines and docks, which could cost thousands of dollars to fix.