BARRIE -- With her house as her canvas, Lindsay Goodone got to work with a brush and some chalk paint, creating a colourful display brick by brick.

The Barrie mom says her motivation was to help lift the spirits of those working the frontlines, and to spread joy during these tough times.

"It helps during this quarantine because it stinks being stuck at home all the time," she says.

Goodone turned it into a family project, getting both her daughters involved in decorating their house on the corner of Austen Lane and Chaucer Crescent.

Nine-year-old Madison says it helped break the boredom, and admits she's proud of the results.

"We're hearing, 'Wow, nice house. I can't believe you did that, that's so cool, and paint my house.'"

Her older sister, 13-year-old Brooklyn, says it's been the highlight of their time in quarantine so far.

"Right now, it's tough times, and everybody is really sad - just that they can't see people. So this brings smiles to people's faces."

Goodone reveals they enjoyed the two-week project so much they may continue with the fence and possibly even the roof, adding that Mother Nature won't be able to damper their cheer because rain won't wash the paint away.