Residents in Collingwood have had concerns about coyotes for years, and now the town is considering a plan to deal with those concerns.

The proposed plan by town staff includes more public education and awareness. It also recommends gathering more data to determine if a hunter or trapper needs to be called in to deal with problems.

“Deal with this issue in a cooperative way. Get together as mature concerned people and take action, says Jeff Brown. He is among the members of the public providing councillors with input.

Currently the town’s bylaw department only handles domestic animal calls and isn't equipped to deal with wildlife.

Ontario’s Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry doesn't get involved in urban areas, and police respond when there is an immediate threat to public safety.

Wayne Burley knows how dangerous coyotes can be. His dog was snatched by one. It was later found dead.

“He will never leave our hearts and now we want to try and make everyone we know aware of the potential danger to their pets and to their children,” he says. “If I had been aware, Wally would be with us today.”

Coyotes are known for attacking pets, though attacks on people are rare.

Town council will consider the proposed plan next week.