Elias Andersen loves school and baseball.

He found a way to connect the two by creating an Electronic Baseball Umpire System. It uses sound to determine if a runner is safe on base.

His creation has landed him a job as a social media manager for a company called Collegiate Baseball Scouting Network. The company sells scouting reports to major and minor league teams.

“We have 87 scouts currently across the United States and Canada, and they create scouting reports on players from colleges all over the States,” he says.

Andersen is going to be mingling with some of the best in the business after he was invited to attend MLB’s winter meetings.

The scouting network that he's a part of will be drumming up business.

“I'm going onto the floor to be with some of the most influential people in baseball and they've been there and done that a lot of times before. I think there's a lot of wisdom I can learn from them.”

Andersen will be heading out to the conference on Dec. 10.