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Collingwood man celebrates 103rd birthday

A Collingwood man celebrated his 103rd birthday Thursday.

Fred Mogelin celebrated with his closest family and friends. He said it meant a lot for them to be together, particularly after a recent health scare that had him hospitalized.

Mogelin was born in Germany and immigrated to Canada in the 1950s.

He says he is again enjoying good health thanks to his secret remedy - garlic with a prune chaser.

"I do it every day. I sling it back with a spoonful," says Mogelin.

"Now that he's made it to 103, he's decided he's going to beat the Canadian record of 116, but I was just told yesterday that it's 118 now as the oldest person," says Fred's grand-daughter Kerstin Rodaway.

Mogelin insists that garlic, prunes and marzipan birthday cakes are the secrets to a long life. Top Stories

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