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Collingwood golf prodigy headed to national championship


At just 10 years old, Collingwood native Niklas Zierik is gearing up to compete on the national stage.

The young golf prodigy earned a spot at the MJT National Championship set to take place in British Columbia in August.

"It would be one of the best things I've done for sure," the 10-year-old Collingwood boy said. "I feel that I have to be confident, but definitely keep it humble, and don't be cocky is the first thing I always say."

Niklas Zierik, 10, of Collingwood, Ont., is a golf prodigy. (CTV News/KC Colby)

His parents say Niklas has an old soul.

"He seems very mature for his age," said his dad, Martin Zierik. "I can't explain the feelings of how proud I am of him."

Niklas has an extensive list of accomplishments, including clinching victory in the first tournament he entered.

He avidly follows the pros in the PGA Tournament and hits the links four to five days a week.

The MJT Nationals will be held on August 30 and 31. The event brings together junior golfers from across the country. Top Stories


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