A man with a gun enters Royal Victoria Regional Health Centre and goes on a rampage.

It’s a scenario local emergency crews hope they never encounter, but one they have to be prepared for. “The idea of having someone with a gun, or an active shooter in a hospital is unthinkable to most people, but the reality is, it has happened in several Ontario hospitals over the last five to six years,” says Suzanne Legue, VP of communications at RVH.  

The scenario is known as a “Code Silver” and was the focus of a training exercise at the hospital on Wednesday.

“We have had numerous lockdowns within the city over the past few years, but this is very different,” says Barrie police Const. Keith Fines. “It's a very large building. There's a lot of different members here, lots of different ages and abilities.”

Barrie police officers armed with tactical gear marched through the halls, coming across volunteers turned victims. It’s a graphic, but realistic scene.

“You get here and you can smell the gunpowder and you see the victims, with their makeup all done up. It's really realistic, and really grabs yeah,” says registered nurse Nancy Cunningham.

“I hope something like this never ever happens, but we plan for the worst, and hope for the best,” says John Jennett, security technology coordinator at RVH.

Staff will debrief on what worked and what didn't, and hope the training's never needed.