Lawyers made closing arguments at the jury trial of two men charged in the vicious beating of a Barrie man three years ago.

The victim, 31-year-old Ryan Turcotte, suffered catastrophic head injuries and required several brain surgeries following the incident in the Duckworth Plaza in June 2012, after a group of partygoer’s exited bus from the Kee to Bala.

Courtney Lewis, 26, and Aaron Lewis, 23, have each pleaded not guilty to aggravated assault.

The incident was caught on a cell phone camera and was played in court.

The video shows Turcotte surrounded, being punched and shoved, and propelling backwards. The crack of his head hitting the pavement can be heard as he falls.

The crown says Turcotte was in the middle of the dense group of people, also alleges Aaron Lewis and his cousin Courtney was two of the people responsible for the fight.

“This was a fast and vicious attack,” said Crown Attorney Indy Kandola.

Witnesses reported Turcotte and Aaron Lewis got into a pushing match on the way home. The court heard when the bus pulled into the Duckworth parking lot Aaron’s Cousin Courtney was waiting.

Witnesses testified a group of people surrounded Turcotte and started beating him and that’s when a bystander started recording the assault on their cell phone.

Defence lawyers argue the facts of the video are up for debate.

“You can’t tell beyond a reasonable doubt who is on the video,” said Heather Pringle who is Courtney Lewis’ defence lawyer.

Pringle argued while her client admits he punched Turcotte out of self defence at the end of the punch, Turcotte was still standing.

Pringle also pointed out that in the agreed statement of facts, the doctors who treated Turcotte said that medical evidence cannot say how the injury was caused.

Aaron Lewis’ lawyer Craig Bottomley told the jury that the witnesses who say Aaron was involved in the fight lied and that the crown failed to provide a single reliable witness that can say Aaron was involved in the fight.

The judge will charge the jury Tuesday and then it will be up to the jurors to render a verdict.