A jury will soon decide the fate of Mitchell Brooks, as lawyers delivered their closing arguments.

Defence attorney Kim Miles made her closing arguments to the jury first, telling them what happened that night was a tragedy.

"Deena brooks died, but the only thing Mitchell Brooks intended to do was kill himself," Miles says. "He would never purposely take his children's mother from them.  It was an accident, with a terrible tragic outcome.  Not guilty is the only proper verdict."

Brooks is charged with first-degree murder in the shooting death of his wife Deena at their New Lowell home in 2013. The defence says Brooks was depressed and wanted to kill himself.

However, the Crown says it was deliberate and that Brooks wanted to kill Deena because she wanted to leave him.

In its closing statement, Crown attorney Mary Anne Alexander told the jury this was no accident.

“She did not shoot herself; she did not have her thumb on the trigger."

The Crown also argued that Brooks threatened his wife with financial ruin if she ended the marriage.

"There is no doubt he had a motive to kill her," Alexander says. “If all he wanted to do was kill himself with the gun, why didn't he do it?"

The judge began his charge to the jury on Tuesday afternoon. That is expected to take all of Wednesday and perhaps part of Thursday.

Once that's done the jury will deliberate until it comes to a decision.