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Clearview, Ont. couple embark on once-in-a-lifetime opportunity on ‘The Amazing Race Canada’


A married couple from Clearview Township is set to appear in season 10 of The Amazing Race Canada.

Triathletes Olivia Curto and Julia Viola will be battling it out with 10 other teams to race across Canada for a chance to be the ultimate champions.

The couple tied the knot one year ago after dating for 10 years. They say competing on the show is a dream come true and couldn't believe it when they finally got the call after applying four times.

"Throughout our whole relationship, Olivia and I always watch the show. It's one of our favourite shows, and we always thought that we would be perfect for this. We love thrill and adventure and competition, and we just knew that if we could get on this show, we could do really well, and it's always been a huge dream of ours, and we just want to compete with each other and be on the same team," said Viola.

Curto said that with their athletic experience, she feels they will have an advantage while competing.

"Being a triathlete is all about switching activities, moving really quickly, staying motivated, staying out of your head, and to bring that into the race was nothing. To flip from one to the next, it's like a next day of activities for us. We had this," said Curto.

Season 10 of The Amazing Race Canada premieres at 9 p.m. on July 2. Top Stories


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