Viewers share their memories of CKVR over the past sixty years.

Wendy Shoebottom
Seguin, Ontario
During the late '50's, there was a half-hour program shown sometime between 5:00 p.m and 6:30 p.m. (Sorry to be so vague, but I was just a kid back then.). It was hosted by a gentleman named Don Grey.  Occasionally he would sing, and one of my favourites was a song about a Scottish squirrel named 'Angus MacPherson McTavish Dundee.' I can't even remember what this program was about, but I certainly remember that song.

Pat Lamers
Wasaga Beach
I was watching your show on Friday night and kept thinking of the time my cousin, friend and myself was on Romper Room at the CKVR in November 1962.  I have attached a picture of us with Ms. Lois. In the picutre I am standing between the boy and girl (I have brets and collar with frills on dress..Pat Mansbridge (now Lamers)and on the right my friend, Tracy MacKay (standing) and cousin Jack Legate (sitting) in front of her. We all still live locally in the CTV Barrie area.  My cousin and friend both live in New Lowell and I just recently moved to Wasaga Beach from the New Lowell area.

Cheryl Hickey
In November 1986, I won a contest from the show that you hosted on "Good Company." It was a double LP Album, of 65 TV Themes from the 50's and 60's. Also included, was a cartoon sketch of some old TV show characters, along with a photo of you as the "Good Company" host. I am happy to be able to share this memory with you. I still refer to the station as "VR".

Jane Jackson
I think anyone my age growing up in Barrie have memories of CKVR. I Love Lucy at lunchtime, or Leave It To Beaver. Or Uncle Milty (Milt Cinway) and Captain Foghorn? I can remember going to the TV station with my class in about 1965 or 1966 to see that being filmed. I also did a commercial for Dad (CTC) skipping rope....low budget!  Also upset my mother as I wore my heavy black Oxford shoes instead of lighter running shoes! I spent a little time at the station helping with the Radio Shack computer system back in about 1984.  Did get a CKVR brown mug, and enjoyed watching All My Children over lunch. I was always glad when I was living in Toronto to be able to watch  CKVR or The New VR - the news made far more sense to me than Toronto news!  Congratulations to all the team for hanging in there and doing a great job!

I remember appearing on his sportscast in Feb. 1956 as a young hockey player. My coach and I made the 2 hour trip from Gravenhurst to talk about our upcoming trip to play in Maple Leaf Gardens. A great thrill at the time! Congrats on 60 years.

Dorothy Hunter
Tiny Township
I remember watching CKVR when I was a youngster back in the 50’s and 60’s.  We lived on a farm near Newmarket and only got 3 channels on the old black and white set.  I went to camp, near Collingwood, each summer.  It was called Blue Mountain Camp and was run by the “Ontario Society for Crippled Children”, (now the Easter Seals Society).  When I was 7 or 8 (1959 or 1960) “Whipper” Billy Watson came to the camp along with a crew from CKVR.  He carried me, to my cabin, on his shoulders and it was aired on the news.  Everyone in my large family (13 kids) were very excited to see me on the evening news!  That was a very thrilling moment, for me, and I have never forgotten it. I still watch your news nightly at 6 and 11.  Congratulations on your first 60 years.  Keep going strong!

Don Celsie
I don’t remember the years right off, but I played and sang on ‘Country Junction’, also on the Alfie Formage Show. My brother Art Celsie and The Singing Plainsmen had a country music show on Barrie for a few years, must be back in the 70s.

Kay Ross-Szalay
I have a personal remembrance from way back in 1962.  My parents had a Holstein dairy farm on Hwy. 93 near Crown Hill.  Dad used to show cattle at all the local fairs and had been President of Barrie Fair at the time.  Dad (Del Jermey) was contacted by Miss Lois (Lois Welsman) and asked to bring a small Holstein calf to the studio to be enjoyed by the children on Romper Room.  What a fun show watching wee city kids experience the feeling of petting a soft newborn calf!  I should also mention that my then little brother (Ross) who was 4 at the time got to attend that week on Romper Room in exchange for Dad bringing in the calf.  Ross is 58 now, living in northern Manitoba, raising a herd of purebred Red Angus cattle.  He has attended Barrie Fair with his show cattle, bringing them from Manitoba.  He still regularly watches the news on CTV Two (Barrie) just to keep up with 'home news'. Thanks for the memories.

Pat (Blake) McIntyre
I would just like to say congratulations on 60 years serving people in the area. I also would like to thank VR for something special they did in 1958. My Dad was one of many military serving overseas during that time. He was a peacekeeper in Suez. Your radio station arranged for Christmas greetings from our loved ones. I was only 11 at the time and the oldest of 5 children,  but that memory has stayed with me since then. I still have the record that was given to families with the message on it packed away with old records. Again I thank you for giving me the precious memory.